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The lies against Pewdiepie and why you shouldn’t believe them

Firstly, of course you shouldn’t believe lies (especially if you know they are lies). That’s basically self-explanatory. But it appears the news media (The Wallstreet Journal) and certain “celebrities” (a.k.a. J. K. Rowling) think that spreading misinformation and lies means you are “supporting the weak”. I’ll explain what I mean in a bit.

So recently The Wallstreet Journal published an article labelling and accusing Pewdiepie (a youtuber, the most subscribed one I might add) of being anti-semitic. And to add insult to injury Rowling tweets out the article and spreads the lies. Now let me be absolutely definitive here: Pewdiepie never made anti-semitic remarks out of hate towards Jews. He only made a few jokes to see what would happen. This is an objective fact which you can look up for yourself. And more importantly Felix (Pewdiepie’s actual name) is not anti-semitic in his personal views or moral values. Again this can be objectively found out and is obvious.

So what’s the big hubbub? Well Pewdiepie decided to test out Fiverr (where you pay $5 to get pretty much any kind of request done by willing people). So he made a bunch of requests: he asked someone to make a graph that was shaped like a penis (the person refused), he asked someone calling himself Jesus to say some lines and Jesus guy did that, and finally he asked a pair of Indian men to write “Death to all Jews” on a poster and dance. Guess what happened? The Indian men did it.

I hope it’s clear here that the people on Fiverr could absolutely refuse the request. But of course these Indian men saw it as just business and so did it. They do understand English, so this can’t be used as an excuse for their insensitivity. When Pewdiepie saw that they did his request he was absolutely shocked but found it funny as well. Not the sentence itself obviously but the absurdity of the whole situation. And I laughed my ass off as well! Again not for the sentence but because of the situation itself. Kind of reminds me of the scene in Code Geass where Lelouch accidentally orders his friend to kill all Japanese. There is something oddly darkly funny about everything being destroyed and going pear-shaped.

Was Pewdiepie wrong for making all of his requests? In my opinion no, because “boundaries” exist to keep things within a certain order, and frankly order is not entertaining or interesting. Did any Jew die as a result of this statement? If so, then may God have mercy on his soul. It’s absolutely ridiculous that the news media and Rowling equate Pewdiepie with actual Fascists. We know what a fascist is: Hitler and Stalin. Now actually compare their ACTUAL actions with the actions of Pewdiepie. Notice something? They are not the same! Hitler expressed actual anti-Jew sentiments from the beginning in his book Mein Kampf (though I have never read it, so I’m just going on hearsay) and in his speeches. Pewdiepie literally makes videos playing video games and reacting to things on youtube just to make people entertained. Kind of a huge difference don’t ya think?

Here’s the article on the Wallstreet Journal:

And here’s the tweet that Rowling tweeted:

Now here’s the rant bit against J. K. Rowling because she epitomises a certain kind of person which I find deplorable. So, obviously we were taught the horrors of the Nazis and Fascists in history and many of us even feel guilt, remorse and sorrow that such events even happened. And of course there is an unspoken agreement never to let that happen again, hence the hyper-vigilance against anything with even a whiff of anti-Semitism. This is the background in the psyche of many well-meaning people who know they are not powerful but will in their own spheres act to snuff it out if they see it. But here’s what I absolutely hate! How selective their solidarity is. Anything remotely anti-Jewish is totally lambasted with accusations of “Anti-Semite!” and “fascist!” but they TOTALLY ignore the hundreds of thousands of arabs who have been routinely murdered in the unlawful and ILLEGAL invasions by the US in Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Syria, and Yemen. And guess what? Arabs are a semitic race! Right at this moment there are drones hovering around villages in Yemen waiting for some cold heartless murderers in America to press a button to release a missile to kill their “targets” as well as any unfortunate collaterals. That’s all the lives of these Yemenese are: just collateral damage and a statistic after an event. Do I see J. K. Rowling tweeting about the wars instigated by the US and the drone strikes? Oh but she’s perfectly ok with spreading total lies about a youtuber.


Seriously Rowling? Seriously?

I couldn’t find any other tweets related to Iraq, Afghanistan or the drone strikes in Yemen. If I missed them, then let me know in the comments, but as far as I see, Rowling just likes throwing her opinions around about whatever is relevant. She couldn’t even stick with her own view of Harry Potter! In her own imagination of Hermione she is a white girl and Rowling even drew Hermione as such in a picture she made. And of course we know who played Hermione in all the movies. But now she wants to seem “progressive” so Dumbledore is gay (she revealed this in some blog post even though Dumbledore’s sexuality is absolutely irrelevant to the story )and Hermione is black in the new Harry Potter play and she tweeted she likes this version of Hermione. Like fair enough but I know myself as an author, if I have a picture of it in my mind, that’s what it is, not what my readers want it to be.

An article by the Guardian in 2015 about the drones in Yemen:

And the drone strikes continue under the Trump administration:

There is real dirty shit happening in the world. The best thing many of us are capable of doing is not being part of the shit and not being part of the lies. J. K. Rowling has shown herself to be ignorant of even a simple truth like Pewdiepie’s innocence and so we should not be looking up to her for her political opinions because she’s either ignorant, or even more insidious in league with the negative forces in the world. I hope it’s the former, but either way don’t follow someone who isn’t using their intelligence.

Leave a like if you like Pewdiepie ;), and comment below your thoughts on this.

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