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The foolish Orchard Owner

There was once a man who owned an apple orchard. At the market one day when the man was selling his apples, a short man with a long beard came up to the man and made a suggestion to him. He said to him:”I’ll give you this golden apples in exchange for your orchard. If you take the seeds of this golden apple you can make a whole orchard of golden apples!”

Enticed by this prospect the Orchard owner happily agrees. When the rights of the Orchard had been sold off, the man decided to take a bite out of his apple. He quickly spat it out in disgust when he tasted paint and then found that the seeds inside were normal apple seeds.

And the man realised he didn’t even know how to grow apple trees in the first place! Woe was he when he realised he had traded a whole orchard for a measly apple.


This is an allegory that I thought of to illustrate a point and mistake people often make. Leave a like if you enjoyed reading this story and comment below what do you think I’m trying to show. If you want to keep up with content on this blog, then please consider subscribing with your email to receive notifications when new articles are posted. Thanks for reading!^^

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