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How to Choose a Life Partner in Islam

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Marriage is the greatest choice which a man makes in his life. This choice has an immediate and quite deep effect in future of the individual! It defines where he ends up being and it must be of supreme importance that whomever he is choosing as his life partner should be upright and has a good conduct and character.

In the wake of tying the wedding tie, the time of both the individuals doesn’t continue as before, in this manner, the choice should be made after appropriate inspections.

Among various reflections, a very essential and vital thought is the determination of the partner for marriage. According to Islam, these are the few things that you should consider:

Freedom of choice

Quran: “Do not prevent them from marrying their husbands when they agree between themselves in a lawful manner.” (2:232)

In this verse, it is clearly stated that if you like someone in order to marry them, you can go for it and that everybody has a freedom to choice his or her own life partner, the only condition is that you should stay in your lawful limits.

There are some criteria for everything

Quran: “Women of purity are for men of purity, and men of purity are for women of purity.” (24:26)

This verse gives a simple indication that you must look for women and men who are pure considering the basic requirement to choose the life partner.

Character matters the most

A woman may be married for four reasons: for her property, for her rank, for her beauty, and for her religion (and character), so marry the one who is best in the religion and character and prospers.” (Bukhari)

This hadith gives us a simple message that above every other thing, one thing that should be your top priority is the character of the person you want to marry. The character and the devotion of a man are critical than his property, his status, and magnificence. And it is not just meant for women only, the character of men are equally important as of women.

Keep your intentions clear and clean

Hazrat Muhammad (SAW) once said: “Three groups of people Allah obliged Himself to help them: Mujahid in the cause of Allah, a worker to pay his debt, and the one who wants to marry to live a chaste life.” (Tirmidhi)

This hadith makes it clear that Allah Himself will help those who have a clean intention of living a pure and religious life so think well, and Allah will help you.

Choose the person who fears Allah

When selecting the life partner, something that you must take care of is that if the other person is God-fearing or no. To select a man you want to spend your life with, he must be one of those who fears Allah, and this is the guarantee that he will keep you happy.


May Allah SWT help us understand that in today’s fast world of technology and gadgets choosing a life partner shouldn’t be based on the judgments that we make according to non-Islamic values. For instance, considering beauty and wealth over character is something you must not do as Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) asked us to value religion and character of a person more than anything.

Life is complex and it does make us feel like someone out there is right for us because they have nice way to dress up or because they have a nice family background or they are really cool!

My dear Muslim brothers and sisters, this is not what we should look for. Our priorities when it comes to choosing a life partner should be according to Islam because when you and your partner will grow old the beauty will fade and the wealth can be gone as well but good heart of your spouse which fears Allah SWT and refrain from haram activities will make you feel having Jannah in this world.

May Allah grant us all the right perspective to see things through.

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