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I will be focussing mainly on playstation and nintendo games. 405 total views, no views today

405 total views, no views today

Pokemon Sun and Moon: A break from tr...

Pokemon Sun and Moon: A break from tradition in the traditional islands of Alola

So, unless you live under a rock, not connected to the internet and people in general, then you most likely have heard of the new Pokemon game titles in the franchise being released during November. I was pretty hyped actually to play the game (I got Moon if you were wondering) even though I had […]

Why I’m excited for Pokemon Sun and M...

Why I’m excited for Pokemon Sun and Moon

As of the time of writing this the new Pokemon games for the Nintendo 3DS Sun and Moon will be released tomorrow and I can’t wait to play it! XD Having played a game from each generation I often wonder if there’s a point in experiencing the next pokemon game because as most young people […]

What makes Fallout 4 different?

What makes Fallout 4 different?

Fallout 4 is the latest game released by Bethesda Game Studios and it’s taken the game world by a storm! (Was that a bit too hyped? 😛 ) But the point still stands, Fallout 4 has been an extremely popular game just based on the sales, and of course has garnered many positive reviews and […]

Thoughts on Pokemon GO

Thoughts on Pokemon GO

A new pokemon game called Pokemon GO was recently announced to be in development and will be released as a mobile app for the iPhone and Android in 2016, and you can watch the game trailer here. I wanted to give my thoughts and my realistic expectations for this game as well as speculate on […]

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