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Personal Thoughts

Personal Thoughts

This is where I will cover subjects like economics, education, politics, media and lifestyle. 451 total views, no views today

451 total views, no views today

The Hidden Great Depression

The Hidden Great Depression

No I’m not talking about an economic depression. I’m referring to the hundreds of teachers across the UK who quietly go about their days teaching in schools…coping. And I suspect (and there is a lot of anecdotal as well as statistical evidence to the fact that) many teachers are miserable with their jobs and lives. […]

Day 3 of 3-day quote challenge: The s...

Day 3 of 3-day quote challenge: The strength of a nation derives from the integrity of the home.

I’m very grateful to Kataku for nominating me for this 3-day quote challenge. This my final post in this short series and it certainly has given me a lot to think about, especially on what I wanted to impart to my readers. I realise that probably most people doing these challenges would have posted a […]

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