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How to Choose a Life Partner in Islam

How to Choose a Life Partner in Islam

Marriage is the greatest choice which a man makes in his life. This choice has an immediate and quite deep effect in future of the individual! It defines where he ends up being and it must be of supreme importance that whomever he is choosing as his life partner should be upright and has a […]

Personal Thoughts

Personal Thoughts

This is where I will cover subjects like economics, education, politics, media and lifestyle. 451 total views, no views today

451 total views, no views today

Day 2 of 3-day quote challenge: Backb...

Day 2 of 3-day quote challenge: Backbiting is as horrible as eating the dead flesh of humans

Kataku from ah0bakataku blog had nominated me for this 3-day quote challenge, which I’m grateful for, as I’ve been able to use it to think about important points and quotes that I want to share. THE RULES: Post one quotation a day for three days (they can be from other sources or one of your […]

Our pork buddies have more in common ...

Our pork buddies have more in common with us than you think

While scrolling through the reader I found another really insightful post from IndigoVoice82 (though all her posts are insightful) about why Muslims don’t eat pork. In Islam a specific reason is not actually given, just a command not to do so in the Quran. That doesn’t mean there isn’t a reason, because there are always […]

Why do we procrastinate?

Why do we procrastinate?

Procrastination is a major weakness of mine. I’m quite a laid-back guy, so procrastination is almost my natural state, and I find it quite a humorous topic when I find other people who procrastinate like me. The biggest procrastinators I find tend to be people who have a lot of free time or are in […]

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