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Find here all the articles pertaining to Islam and my discussions in this religion. 1,643 total views, 5 views today

1,643 total views, 5 views today

Importance of sending Durood on our B...

Importance of sending Durood on our Beloved Prophet Muhammad (S.A.W.)

A very important thing that most of the Muslims ignore or not actualize much in their lives is to get in the propensity for sending Durood (salam) on the Holy Prophet (SAW). Sending blessings on Hazrat Muhammad (SAW) is of much significance that Allah has clearly announced in the Holy Quran doing as such Himself […]

The Clear Evidence for Islam

The Clear Evidence for Islam

  Non-muslims often ask about the evidence for God (if they are atheists/agnostics) or reject the Prophet Muhammad ﷺ (if they are Jews, Christians and other beliefs) and of course many various muslims from the Prophet ﷺ himself and notable scholars like Imam Ghazali and Imam Hanafi right up to modern times have shown at […]

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