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The logical fallacy of the evolution ...

The logical fallacy of the evolution of living cells

The Earth is taken to be 4.5 billion years old and the first signs of life we can see (such as stromatolites which are rock structures formed by bacterial activities so count as fossils of those bacteria) occur about 2.7-3.4 billion years ago. So apparently within a billion years (which is 1000 million years) functional […]

The Quran does not support the theory...

The Quran does not support the theory of evolution

I want to address a very important issue which I noticed and that was a significant percentage of muslims not only believe in the Theory of Evolution, but also that humans descended from monkeys. Worst of all they quote certain verses of the Quran to support their claims and belief. In this article I will […]



These articles will be focused on controversial topics such as Evolution and will also include general science essays to educate the layman in these subjects. 435 total views, no views today

435 total views, no views today

A review of “101 reasons why ev...

A review of “101 reasons why evolution is true”. Part 1

I want to review each reasons this particular site gives in support of evolution and evaluate the logic behind each one to see if the reasons truly support the theory of evolution. I’ll list each reason in purple and then evaluating the statement below that. Click here to read the list for yourself on the […]

Our genes are not selfish!

Our genes are not selfish!

This article is for those who still believe that evolution produced life as we know it and to show that evolutionary theory in no way even comes close to having the scope needed to explain life in all its complexity and wonder. If you’ve ever had the displeasure of reading Richard Dawkins’s book The Selfish […]

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