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Personal Thoughts

This is where I will cover subjects like economics, education, politics, media and lifestyle. 451 total views, no views today

451 total views, no views today

The lies against Pewdiepie and why yo...

The lies against Pewdiepie and why you shouldn’t believe them

Firstly, of course you shouldn’t believe lies (especially if you know they are lies). That’s basically self-explanatory. But it appears the news media (The Wallstreet Journal) and certain “celebrities” (a.k.a. J. K. Rowling) think that spreading misinformation and lies means you are “supporting the weak”. I’ll explain what I mean in a bit. So recently […]

The new trending vitriol that is R...

The new trending vitriol that is “Damn Daniel”

“Damn Daniel” is the latest nonsensical vine to trend and it has been making the rounds through Youtube. Everything about the video is utterly stupid, and the worst part of it is the voice sounding so annoying! It’s not even funny, but actually annoying! (-_-) A youtuber called I Hate Everything thinks it could be […]

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