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Find here all the articles pertaining to Islam and my discussions in this religion. 1,638 total views, no views today

1,638 total views, no views today

The Clear Evidence for Islam

The Clear Evidence for Islam

  Non-muslims often ask about the evidence for God (if they are atheists/agnostics) or reject the Prophet Muhammad ﷺ (if they are Jews, Christians and other beliefs) and of course many various muslims from the Prophet ﷺ himself and notable scholars like Imam Ghazali and Imam Hanafi right up to modern times have shown at […]

A response to “The seven deadly...

A response to “The seven deadly sins of Islam and Christianity, compared” video

Recently I had watched a video by Sargon of Akkad (very cool name by the way) where he compared the 7 deadly sins of both Islam and Christianity, discussing certain logical ramifications of a religion based on the 7 deadly sins and I will give my own take on these things. Click here if you […]

Response to The Masked Arab’s v...

Response to The Masked Arab’s video “The 7 main reasons why I left Islam”

This post was originally going to be a comment under the youtube video that this post is about but it turns out that youtube won’t accept a comment 3 pages long! ‘(^_^) First, I want to thank The Masked Arab, because watching your videos has made me re-examine various questions I had in my mind […]

Our pork buddies have more in common ...

Our pork buddies have more in common with us than you think

While scrolling through the reader I found another really insightful post from IndigoVoice82 (though all her posts are insightful) about why Muslims don’t eat pork. In Islam a specific reason is not actually given, just a command not to do so in the Quran. That doesn’t mean there isn’t a reason, because there are always […]

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