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Find here all the articles pertaining to Islam and my discussions in this religion. 1,638 total views, no views today

1,638 total views, no views today

Our pork buddies have more in common ...

Our pork buddies have more in common with us than you think

While scrolling through the reader I found another really insightful post from IndigoVoice82 (though all her posts are insightful) about why Muslims don’t eat pork. In Islam a specific reason is not actually given, just a command not to do so in the Quran. That doesn’t mean there isn’t a reason, because there are always […]

Mystical Interpretation of the Verse ...

Mystical Interpretation of the Verse of Light

So below is the typed up Appendix 8 of the Abdullah Yusuf Ali English translation of the Quran. In his translation Yusuf Ali would write introductions before every Surah to give a summary of what the Surah will cover and also wrote appendices which could be history or further explanation of a verse or story. […]

“Who is Allah”, my though...

“Who is Allah”, my thoughts

  I came across quranangel, a blogger who writes about her insight into spiritual matters, Quranic verses, and worldly matters as well, and I quite like the insight she brings to these topics. One article though really caught my eye which was her insight into what God actually is. One point that I thought was […]

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