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Topics in this subject include religions, sufism, meditation and the process of Gnosis and becoming a better and Perfect Human Being. 477 total views, no views today

477 total views, no views today

A response to “The seven deadly...

A response to “The seven deadly sins of Islam and Christianity, compared” video

Recently I had watched a video by Sargon of Akkad (very cool name by the way) where he compared the 7 deadly sins of both Islam and Christianity, discussing certain logical ramifications of a religion based on the 7 deadly sins and I will give my own take on these things. Click here if you […]

Day 1 of 3-day quote challenge: Praye...

Day 1 of 3-day quote challenge: Prayer is for Guidance

I was recently nominated by Kataku over at ah0bakataku blog for this 3-day quote challenge, which I’m very grateful for because I now have a good way to spark up my blog after months of inactivity. ? Thank you Kataku (that rhymes ?) Apparently I can share a quote or point which helps enlighten us […]

On Agnosticism

On Agnosticism

This is a guest post by an agnostic friend of mine writing about his agnostism. It’s long but well-worth the read. Delve in! My name is Adam, and I am agnostic. I have grown up around those who believe in a god, and those who believe that one does not exist. Being agnostic means that […]

Why are religions similar

Why are religions similar

I wrote this article on another blog, and it has been getting a decent amount of interest on that blog, so I thought it would be great for people that stumble upon this blog to access the article I wrote. I am sure many of you have remarked to yourselves on the striking similarities to […]

Would cloned humans have souls?

Would cloned humans have souls?

This has been a question I’ve pondered upon for many years and until recently do I feel that I’ve come across the answer. To save the ones with little patience: the answer is yes, cloned humans would have souls like any other human. In this article I’m not going to discuss whether the soul exists […]

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