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How to Choose a Life Partner in Islam

How to Choose a Life Partner in Islam

Marriage is the greatest choice which a man makes in his life. This choice has an immediate and quite deep effect in future of the individual! It defines where he ends up being and it must be of supreme importance that whomever he is choosing as his life partner should be upright and has a […]

The logical fallacy of the evolution ...

The logical fallacy of the evolution of living cells

The Earth is taken to be 4.5 billion years old and the first signs of life we can see (such as stromatolites which are rock structures formed by bacterial activities so count as fossils of those bacteria) occur about 2.7-3.4 billion years ago. So apparently within a billion years (which is 1000 million years) functional […]

The Quran does not support the theory...

The Quran does not support the theory of evolution

I want to address a very important issue which I noticed and that was a significant percentage of muslims not only believe in the Theory of Evolution, but also that humans descended from monkeys. Worst of all they quote certain verses of the Quran to support their claims and belief. In this article I will […]

The lies against Pewdiepie and why yo...

The lies against Pewdiepie and why you shouldn’t believe them

Firstly, of course you shouldn’t believe lies (especially if you know they are lies). That’s basically self-explanatory. But it appears the news media (The Wallstreet Journal) and certain “celebrities” (a.k.a. J. K. Rowling) think that spreading misinformation and lies means you are “supporting the weak”. I’ll explain what I mean in a bit. So recently […]

Learning Japanese and Russian on Ling...

Learning Japanese and Russian on Lingualift

If you’ve ever had the burning desire to be able to speak a new and different language, especially an exotic one like Japanese then I highly recommend you check out Lingualift for a few good reasons. Lingualift is a language learning program that offers Japanese and Russian and you pay monthly for the service. I […]

The Hidden Great Depression

The Hidden Great Depression

No I’m not talking about an economic depression. I’m referring to the hundreds of teachers across the UK who quietly go about their days teaching in schools…coping. And I suspect (and there is a lot of anecdotal as well as statistical evidence to the fact that) many teachers are miserable with their jobs and lives. […]

Importance of sending Durood on our B...

Importance of sending Durood on our Beloved Prophet Muhammad (S.A.W.)

A very important thing that most of the Muslims ignore or not actualize much in their lives is to get in the propensity for sending Durood (salam) on the Holy Prophet (SAW). Sending blessings on Hazrat Muhammad (SAW) is of much significance that Allah has clearly announced in the Holy Quran doing as such Himself […]

The Clear Evidence for Islam

The Clear Evidence for Islam

  Non-muslims often ask about the evidence for God (if they are atheists/agnostics) or reject the Prophet Muhammad ﷺ (if they are Jews, Christians and other beliefs) and of course many various muslims from the Prophet ﷺ himself and notable scholars like Imam Ghazali and Imam Hanafi right up to modern times have shown at […]

A response to “The seven deadly...

A response to “The seven deadly sins of Islam and Christianity, compared” video

Recently I had watched a video by Sargon of Akkad (very cool name by the way) where he compared the 7 deadly sins of both Islam and Christianity, discussing certain logical ramifications of a religion based on the 7 deadly sins and I will give my own take on these things. Click here if you […]

A review of “101 reasons why ev...

A review of “101 reasons why evolution is true”. Part 1

I want to review each reasons this particular site gives in support of evolution and evaluate the logic behind each one to see if the reasons truly support the theory of evolution. I’ll list each reason in purple and then evaluating the statement below that. Click here to read the list for yourself on the […]

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